Octa (Octabello)

Octa is a really lovely horse but unfortunately had some injuries from his racing days that meant he would not cope with regular and sustained work.



Octa is the kind of horse that is the inspiration and reason for the formation of Beyond Racing as without significant financial help and sympathetic retraining Octa would have been unlikely to have much of a future after his racing days were done. However, in Lou’s capable and caring hands, he has been nurtured through his retraining (supported by Lou’s veterinarian and other horse health professionals) and now has a wonderful home that is just right for his needs. Lou took great pains to find him the home he needed where she knew he would be loved, well cared for lightly ridden when able and the home where he had the chance to have a retirement living the best life he can.


Thank you Lou what a wonderful job you have done with Octa!