A: Most horses spend up to 12 weeks in retraining with one of our professional Trainers, however some take many more months until they are deemed ready to be rehomed into an equestrian home.

Click here to view our retraining guide.

A: Not directly. We will refer you to one of our Trainers, who can assist people who already own a horse. You may need assistance with retraining or help with specific issues.  Sometimes horses have been out of work for a long time, and owners aren’t confident to give them their first few rides. Our accredited Trainers will tailor a program to cater for the specific issues and your budget.

A: Some of our accredited Trainers are also qualified Coaches. Get in touch and we can refer you.   Please note that not all of our Trainers offer this service and some only offer lessons on privately owned horses, whilst others can provide school horses for you to learn on.  Another useful resource is https://www.equestrian.org.au/members/search/coach which lists Equestrian Australia Qualified Coaches.

A: Being such versatile equestrian athletes, Thoroughbreds can excel in Eventing, Showjumping, Dressage, Showing, Polo, Polocrosse, Sporthorse and Endurance events.

A: Thoroughbreds can find homes as mounts for Pony Club, Adult Riding Clubs & Riding For the Disabled. They can also make great mounts for trail riding, pleasure, hacking out and horsemanship.

A: Thoroughbreds can find homes as a companions, therapy horses or nannies (looking after young horses).

A: No, however some of our accredited properties offer spelling and permanent retirement homes for retired racehorses.  Get in touch if you need assistance.

A: Check out our Retraining Guide or speak with our Trainers.

Check out the following websites which contain valuable resources:

  1. ottcommunity.com.au
  2. ror.org.uk

Check out the following books:

  1. Beyond The Track: Retraining The Thoroughbred from Racehorse to Riding Horse – Anna Morgan Ford
  2. New Track, New Life: Understanding and Retraining the Off-Track Thoroughbred – Kimberley Godwin Clark
  3. Racehorse to Dressage Horse: How To Buy, Re-train and Compete Your Off-The Track Thoroughbred Successfully in Dressage – How To Dressage.

AND if you need help – get it! It never hurts to ask.

A: No. Our Board members donate their time and skills in running and administering Beyond Racing.  All three Directors are altruistically motivated and are happy to contribute as they believe so strongly in this cause.

A: Yes. Our Trainers receive funding from Beyond Racing to assist with the costs of horsehusbandry, rehoming and retraining. These costs include agistment, retraining, farrier, veterinary, dentistry, feed, worming and any other required costs to ensure optimum equine welfare is maintained.

A: Yes. Beyond Racing was fortunate to be awarded a grant from Animal Welfare Victoria under Round 1 of the Equine Rehabilitation Grants in 2021.

A: No. Beyond Racing applied to Racing Victoria – Off The Track in 2021 for grant funding and was unfortunately not selected to receive any funding.

A: From $10 million allocated, only $1.1 million was allocated to support post racing initiatives and programs. Only a small amount is allocated to directly support retired racehorses in retraining or rehoming through programs such as RESET. Click here to see the latest allocation of spending on equine welfare initiatives and programs:


A: Yes. Check out our Business and Corporate support page for details of our current partnerships with organisations who believe in helping retired racehorses find a future. Our sponsors generously donate goods to support not only Beyond Racing, but also new owners. All horses graduating from our program come with a generous amount of products from our sponsors.

A: There are so many ways to help Beyond Racing.  You can:

  1. Run a fundraising event
  2. Volunteer with us
  3. Make a donation button on our website.
  4. Join our online community
  5. Increase our social media reach – Share interesting posts for us on Facebook or Instagram.
  6. Visit our Business Support page.