Croc & Isabella

These two are absolutely amazing together! Isabella actually called about a different mare, however once we got talking I realised she may suit Croc! Croc isn’t completely straightforward and required a competent and confident rider/ handler. He also required management with his feed so he was a bit difficult to rehome. I am so so happy with this outcome! – Lou

What a perfect addition to our family! Croc has settled into his new home so well and he is truly a member of the family. After trying him a couple of weeks ago on a roadtrip with a friend; his lovely temperament, willing attitude and rideability led to buying him later that day! Lou’s honesty and supportiveness has made the journey of finding my first horse so easy and stress free.


The day of Croc’s arrival, after a long float trip home we had a lovely little bareback, bitless ride… one of many so far – a true testament to his chilled out nature as a young OTTB. Less than a week after bringing him home, Croc attended his first Pony Club Christmas rally. I was so impressed that he took everything into his stride. He didn’t bat an eye at the tinsel, mounted games or showjumping in an unfamiliar environment. Croc has also been loving our outings on the Warburton trail going over bridges, past cows, bikes and not batting an eye at many more ‘scary’ things.


In the future, we hope to event together and I’m so excited to continue to bond, grow and learn with the best partner in crime I could’ve asked for. My family and I love the easy going little horse Croc is and I’ll be forever grateful to Lou and her team for making this all possible. – Isabella

Croc with Beyond Racing