I have been riding for a number of years now having got back into horses after a long break. My current horse I have enjoyed showing and taking out to HRCAV events and rallies but sadly I have had to retire him due to health issues. Not ready to give up my love of riding and competing I was on the look out for my new partner in crime but was needing something that was calm and quiet to handle but that would also offer me the opportunity to get out and about competing again.

I’ve known Lisa for a number of years so knew her work with retired racehorses and have always been impressed with how she worked with them. So much so that I previously asked her to come out to help me with one of mine.

When I saw Lucy advertised I talked to Lisa about Lucy, what she was like and had done and if she might meet my brief. I trusted Lisa’s appraisal of Lucy and me as a possible good match so arranged a time to meet Lucy. Lucy did not disappoint. From the first ride with her I knew she was for me.

Lisa has done a great job with Lucy bringing her on and had even taken her out to her first dressage competition where Lucy was a star. I am really looking forward to getting out and about with Lucy and to be able to carry on where I left off.