After the retirement of my older Three star horse at 19 years old I decided I needed a young horse to add my team. I had an 8 year old Three star horse but felt taking one horse to a comp was too quiet, so I started actively looking for a young project horse.


My personal work circumstances are busy, working 10+ hours a day, driving 1 hour to work return and studying a post graduate degree part time. So I didn’t really fancy starting from scratch with a young horse, as I just didn’t have the time. I was stuck, looking for a promising young horse (4-5 yo nothing above 16.2hh, gelding), on a budget, but that had been properly started and been out and about for a while. Basically, I was looking for a unicorn!


I started to see little snippets of a chestnut jumping with Lou. 15.2hh-16hh, tick, gelding, tick, 4yo, tick. I started following Jeffery’s progress at shows, as he visited Boneo, Gisborne and Werribee. Just as Lou advertised him for sale my Dad got really sick and I had to stay away for a while to support the family. I thought I had missed my chance. However, fate stepped in and the few people who tried him were unsuitable/not a good match. Eventually when I had returned he was still for sale I had time to go and ‘have a look’.


He was sold at the first sit. He was everything I was looking for and I’m excited to start our journey together. For Lou it was finding the best match for the horse that was paramount, this is what I respected the most. I’m so grateful that she waited until Jeffery’s match came around. She has given him the best start in life and I’m excited to continue his journey.

The buying process was easy and I know all the early hard yards have been done so I can pretty much so straight out and start competing. Thank you Lou!