Diplomatic Waltz (Con)





by Econsul 

Out of Shadow Waltz

Racing starts – 12

Prizemoney – $22,290


Microchip # 985100010955704

Con retired from racing in February 2014. He was then rehomed however due to some changes in circumstance for his new owner, he was never brought back into work. Fast forward seven years and his previous owner approached myself (Lou) at a jumping day and asked if we could take him on.

I was aware he wasn’t going to be one of the straightforward, simple horses due to the amount of time off he had, however I agreed to take him on.


Con arrived very much in paddock condition. His coat was matted and dry. His feet hadn’t been done for quite some time, nor had his teeth.


We let him settle in and then gave him a few good washes. We had some body work done on him, dentistry and got him shod. As his coat and skin was stills so poor we clipped him so that his skin could get some air. He was so quiet to do and was falling asleep whilst Noah clipped him!


Con has made a pretty amazing transformation, and it has really shown what a bit of care, patience, love and schooling can bring out. And how this can provide new and optimistic options for a horse like Con who didn’t have a lot of options in his previous state.


Con has had nine weeks retraining at Abey Performance Horses (APH).

In this time we have schooled him on the flat. Con walked, trots and canters in a nice frame and will pick up each canter lead.


Con loves to hack out in the paddock and has been out on his own and with other horses and has been very calm.


Con has done pole exercises and small jumps. Due to lockdown and lack of competition we entered him in Penny Johnstone’s lockdown competition #pjelockdowncompetition where he was required to walk, trot & canter a figure of eight, jump a small show jumping course, do an in hand gallop and then halt. He was extremely well behaved and did all of this in the howling wind!


At this stage Con has found a lovely new home with Lauren who came and met him and fell in love with him straight away. We wish this new partnership all the best together.

More footage on FB and Insta pages Abey Performance Horses

$2,000 to approved home