Boomers Design


5 yo  

15.1 hh 


By – Master of Design

Out of Miss Funny Money

Racing starts – 0

Prizemoney – 0 

Retired – 0


Microchip # 985100012120277

Boomer never coped with life at the racing stables. She is a very sensitive mare and struggled to put on weight when she was doing her preps at Cranbourne. A fine boned little horse with quite a timid disposition I can see how she wouldn’t have coped. Also, she was prone to “tying up” which is am comparable to painful cramps and is a result in the change of muscle physiology.


I saw Boomer listed on a Bloodstock page. She had been bought and then the buyer never paid the money. She looked quite sweet but also in light condition, and quite sad.


I also looked at the horses breeding and saw she had Redoute’s choice (Danehil) on the sire’s side as well as Viscount, Quest for fame on the dam’s side. I called the owner, and she also sounded lovely, so I agreed to purchase her for a nominal amount and organise transport.


Boomer arrived very thin. She had one racing plate left and her feet were quite poor. We allowed her to settle in, giving her constant access to good pasture hay as well as little and often hard feeds. We had her teeth done, drenched for worms, had the farrier put front shoes on her, we had some body work done and then put her out in our best paddock, and in between some quiet geldings with the spellers behind her so she had lots of company. This is a great paddock for horses in lighter condition. It is partially improved pasture as well as some native grasses. Horses naturally forage and select many different plant species, especially when they are lacking in their diet. We saw an immediate improvement in her condition.


Boomer has been in work for three weeks and is proving a lovely little horse. She is very quiet however initially gets scared (is horse shy) when other horses are cantering around in the arena at the same time. Boomer is now working softly on the flat, walk trot and canter each direction in a frame. We have started jumping some small show jumps and taken her out XC schooling at home over a few logs.


The is a clever and athletic little horse.


We think she will make a great teen first thoroughbred and look forward to finding her the perfect home.