Become a Beyond Racing Sponsor

You can make a powerful impact by providing a monthly contribution and helping these retired racehorses have a healthy and long life after racing. Be at the heart of their journey and celebrate all their wins!

What do I get if I become a sponsor?

You will become part of the Beyond Racing movement to help improve the overall welfare and quality of life for retired racehorses.

By becoming a Beyond Racing Sponsor, your tax-deductible gift will give these retired racehorses the best possible start on their journey towards improving their health and assisting with finding them a new loving home. Your contribution and support will have a powerful impact and you will also receive all kinds of exclusive gifts, offers and opportunities too.

Monthly News

Regular updates on how your generous contribution is improving each and every Beyond Racing horse.

Quarterly Updates

Receive quarterly updates on how your commitment has transformed each and everyone at Beyond Racing. We will keep you up to date with our progress and development in our growing community.

Exclusive Events

Receive exclusive invitations to Beyond Racing. We just don’t host events. We create memorable experiences with our beautiful horses and community.

How will my donation make a difference?

Racehorses need the required care and support after they retire from racing. Beyond Racing is a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to the welfare of thoroughbreds retired from racing.

Majority of competitive horses only race for 2-3 years while their life expectancy is between 25-30 years. Currently, racehorses in Victoria generate around $280 million per year in prize money while there is very little available financial support to take care of racehorses once they retire.

Beyond Racing is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of retired racehorses. More can be done to support these animals through the transition into retirement and beyond. A great amount of time, effort and funding goes towards retraining and rehoming horses.

We promote the versatility and adaptability of racehorses for other equestrian activities and offer the necessary infrastructure and funding to retrain and rehabilitate retired racehorses so they have a better future.

Your regular donations are contributing to making a difference.

Together we will make this change. Your donations play a vital role in supporting our Beyond Racing Sponsorship Program, this includes; Food & Shelter Treatment with a equine dentist or physio Veterinary Costs Schooling session with an experienced retrainer Full-time Horse Carer New set of shoes required In addition, your regular donations will contribute to the growing movement of providing a retired racehorse a new home, medical and dental care, nutritional food as well as retraining sessions.