Lyn Shand, Lou Abey and Lisa North have a number of things in common but the thing that truly binds them together is their love and passion for the off-the-track thoroughbred horse (OTT TB). Each of them has had their own journey that has brought them to where they are today, beginning with a childhood love of all things horses that has never left them. They all have formal qualifications in horse husbandry, a background in teaching, are Racing Victoria Acknowledged Retrainers and have an extensive and impressive list of retired racehorses they have trained from scratch to compete successfully at a high level in various disciplines, including: polo-cross, dressage, show jumping and eventing. If they were honest, they would all say that eventing is their true passion and, for them, it’s the discipline that really showcases the amazing athleticism and range of skills the thoroughbred can have. All three women are well known in Victoria, not only as successful equestrians in the competition arena, but also with their successful equine businesses: Equus (Lyn), Abey Performance Horses (Lou) and Park View Drive Equestrian (Lisa).


Lyn, as well as being an accountant, teacher, trainer and competitor is also a successful licensed Racing Victoria Thoroughbred racehorse trainer and is, without doubt, where Beyond Racing began. Lyn has been a strong and forceful advocate for the retired Thoroughbred racehorse for well over a decade, re-training and re-homing hundreds of Thoroughbreds in that time. It was through the re-homing of one of her horses that she and Lisa first met and from that moment set the OTT TB re-training flame alight for Lisa, as well as cementing a unique and enduring friendship between them. Not long after that Lyn and Lisa, through their love of all off-the-track thoroughbred horses and eventing, met Lou whose passion for re-training the retired racehorse just radiated from her in such a way that it was an unspoken understanding the three women would work together on their shared passion.

Con when he arrived at Abey Performance Horses.

Needless to say the three of them, Lyn, Lou and Lisa, bound together in friendship through their love of retired racehorses, have now done what seemed to be their destiny and joined forces to form Beyond Racing with the vision of providing retired Thoroughbred racehorses with the best opportunity to start their new equestrian careers after their racing days are over. The Beyond Racing women pride themselves on correct training, a solid grounding in flat work and carefully matching horse and new owner to ensure the new partnership every chance of success in whatever chosen equestrian endeavours they engage in. The Beyond Racing trainers are known for their compassion and honest appraisal of horse and rider and post-sale support to aid in the development of every new horse/rider combination.

Every new retired racehorse brings with it endless possibilities and the opportunity for the three women to connect the equestrian community to these truly amazing, versatile, athletic and rewarding horses. Currently, between them, they have a number of recently retired horses in their re-training program and ones looking to start their new careers beyond racing. In particular, Lou has had the recent pleasure of working with two rather special retired racehorses: Con (Diplomatic Waltz), an 11-year-old with prize money over $22k and Eagle (Husson Eagle), a 10-year-old with prize money exceeding $1m. They came to her very much in paddock condition and, in her capable hands and with her expert training, they have both had a miraculous transformation from paddock ponies to equestrian mounts, as clearly shown in the photographs. Both these special boys are looking for their new human family. Beyond Racing is excited about welcoming more of the equestrian community into their family of off-the-track Thoroughbred horses living lives beyond racing and is offering various pathways, where anyone with an interest in the retraining of retired racehorses, can actively contribute to ensure their future.

Con now after expert rehab, reconditioning and retraining.